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I’ve been thinking about my experience being photographed nude – The worst bit was beforehand – once it was actually organized I think I just went into a “zone” – “oh well just get on with it! – “ The most memorable sensation was of warmth! Your room was so warm + it felt more like being on holiday – with treats to eat + time….. It is lovely to be naked and warm and feel safe – I’ve no idea quite what you were aiming to get in the way of a picture – + I will probably re-process the experience when I see the results – ! but at the time it did feel remarkably consequence-free! I think I remember saying that I didn’t think I knew what I looked like anymore – one hardly bothers to look at one’s body especially in winter – perhaps also to know the ageing business has really got a grip – so it is as a curious experiment in some ways + possibly a useful one – self knowledge in various forms is not nothing one hopes! Acceptance was also something I felt at the time – although quite of what – I’m not entirely sure – of being human & animal & a body & alive I think – something like that – oops no more room – hope all’s well.
lots of love, S xx

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