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Palace with trees in planters

Two statues in mist at sunrise

Two statues in avenue of trees

Heads on fence posts

Heads of old friends on plinths

Light cherubs

East wing statues on roof and lamp statues

Statue of woman with long legs

Statue of woman and two doves

Sanssouci with woman-lioness and child

Statue of mother-lioness and children

Sunrise and mist in Sanssouci reflection on pond

Archway to Italian Garden

Column with bust of Queen Charlotte

Charlottenhoff semi-circular pond and planting

Fountain bowl Charlottenhoff garden

Charlottenhoff Palace garden toward new palace

Statue on wall Charlottenhoff

Statue of mother and baby boy

Golden sun ray on metal arbour

Pond from three flights up

Stairway to vine terrace

Sunrise from pond toward obelisk

Statue of Hercules wrestling

Giant urn by river in morning mist

Two ducks and reflections

Willows by river in morning mist

Urn with fairy and cherubs

Statue with drape at dusk

Palace from avenue of trees at dusk

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