Material Bodies: Studies of the Nude : Publication Introduction

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The work in this book represents a selection from a series of Izzi Ramsay’s photographic projects. It is a complex and provocative body of work, comprising both male and female nudes, produced over a number of years.

An androgynous figure from the ‘Morphe’ collection, such as Gravidus, is at first glance a pregnant belly with hand resting upon it – though it is in fact a man, which is incongruous and disturbs our perceptions. Large scale close-ups of fragments of the body from the ‘Topographies’ collection are constructed in the formation of a landscape offering a view of the body which is both gargantuan in proportion and delicate in its sensitivity of treatment, with its gentle play of light and shadow on the female form.
The ‘Horseman’ is a naked male with a horse’s head – the opposite of the centaur – and is portrayed with a mixture of wit and fetishism.

Recent work plays with the idea of animal/human and whilst it is a response to, it is by no means a comment upon, recent controversial developments by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to allow the creation of animal-human hybrid embryos.

Izzi Ramsay’s work uses text to disrupt and reconceptualise perceptions of the nude. Through the use of narrative – written anonymously by subjects in the photographs – her intention has been to create an interaction between the audience, image and text – to challenge assumptions and to reconfigure and subvert conventional perceptions of the nude.

Large scale photographs 2m x 1.5m on Fuji archival paper.
Hand printed lith and toned photographs 16” x 20” (A2).
Digital prints on Hahnemugle Fine Art Photo Rag Satin
With accompanying text

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