Material Bodies: Narrative text 4

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Dearest Jane,
It’s been hard reaching you by phone so I thought I’d drop you a note. Hope all goes well – it’s hard to have to work so many hours just to survive.
Everything much as usual here – bit chaotic, too much work/activity not enough time to relax and play. One interesting thing. I agreed to be photographed naked by a friend – Izzi – I’ve known her – not long really – a few months. We do have background in common and we did the same photography course tho’ at different times. This made me think about what it meant to be on the other side of the camera, the power relations – to be living out all that theory, be good to discuss this sometime.
Being photographed like that made me think – inevitably – about my body – how it is, how it used to
be, what the changes mean, what it will become. It also made me think of you when you were born, how big I was, the mad rush to hospital, how 2 hours later, the neighbours coming in, Ruth with her polaroid – I’m glad you’ve got copies of all those photos.
All that skin – yours, mine, & how this experience has made me think of my skin in a different way – not on the beach, or in the bath, or with R, but in someone’s house, who I haven’t known well – a kind of premature intimacy. Something about the moment of taking my clothes off, the moment of revelation. It makes me think of how doctors leave the room when you undress for an examination even though they’ll see you unclothed a minute later. It’s not being naked, so much as the change from one state to another.
Enough – hope your cold’s better

Very much love, J xx

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